Career Day: I Want to be an Actor

When I was your age, I wanted to be an English actor.  More specifically, a British actor. Now truly. I could never have been that, BUT I could have been an American actor learning the craft of acting, in England.  One of my college drama teachers went so far as to get me an application for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.  UGH!  I wish I’d moved forward with that.

When I visited the Globe Theater this summer, I was so moved by the history and beauty of the space.  It was right on the Thames (pronounced Tems) River and very near the Tower of London.  I learned about the clothes that folks would have worn as actors on the English stage during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.  She was quite a patron of the theatre, you know.

Tomorrow, we are having career day at our school.  In good school spirit, I intend to dress as an Elizabethan actor.

Ren Fair Costume

And perhaps I will perform my favorite of his sonnets: Sonnet #116.  It talks about how much someone can love someone else.  It does not matter what impediments or challenges come…this love does not change.  It is an “ever fixed mark.”  Tonight, I perform this sonnet with the love of my sweet sisters in mind.  My love for them will not alter with the “brief hours and weeks” (or years) that pass.  It “will bear it out,” no matter what comes.  Perhaps, for the first time, you will really appreciate the beauty of Shakespeare’s words.  Because, sweet sisters, tonight, I say them thinking of you.  XXOO  Prudence Scattergoode