Bea Cause I Love You


I remember how much trouble you used to have with the other girls in school.  You’d tell me all about how this girl would do this or that.  I hope things have gotten better on that front.  I read this recently and thought of you.  Sometimes, you just gotta let someone know – (with your lack of action – rather than words) that you’ve had ENOUGH.  You are moving to a different group of friends.  You don’t need to put up with their nonsense.  I was kinda a loner in school sometimes.  If girls were mean to me, I just did my own thing.  There is nothing wrong with expecting your friends to be nice to you.  If I remember correctly from a recent post of yours, you like friends who teach you things.  That implies that they are also encouraging and kind to you.  You do not have to attend every dramatic scene you are invited to.  Just let Miss Drama be all upset.  Just cross your arms, wait til she’s done.  Then, tell her that’s just HER opinion.  You do not share it.  Then walk away.  Who needs that kinda drama in school?!  Being a teenage girl is hard enough.  Am I right? And if you are treated like someone they can just throw away, narrow down their ability to do so by getting yourself out of the situation.  You can do SO much better!

Love to the Eiffel Tower and Back,

Prudence Scattergoode xxoo