Could You Be the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

His Royal Badness has left the building.  Yes, Prince has passed on.  And the Sketchyscribe would be remiss if she did not address this sad, but real fact.  He was a special man, much more complex that people realized.  So much soul. I couldn’t find a lyric video on this song.  Maybe one of our fan base can try to make one.  But this is a good song to study to, or drive to, or clean to.  Perhaps Prince knew (because he called himself a royal name) that the King of Heaven lives within all of us.  We are all divine.  We are all princes and princesses and…we are all beautiful.  You are both SOOO beautiful my sweet sisters.  Remember that Christmas I took you back to my apartment?  I curled your hair and gave you beautiful dresses.  You looked like princesses.  You both SAW your beauty.  Do not forget this.