Arabian Nights

I told you my black horse would be named Sheherazade (Sha-hair-i-zad).  Sheherazade is the name of a major character in the stories of the Arabian Nights.  She is a woman who must tell her new husband a gripping story each night with a cliff hanging ending so her husband will chose not to kill her.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Her husband is the king of her country and is mentally unstable.  Sheherazade is a cunning and amazing storyteller.  By keeping him wondering how the story will end, she prolongs her life for another day.  She tells him many stories: 101 Nights of stories.  Here is the trailer for the Hallmark Hall of Fame’s presentation of Arabian Nights. The story is very exotic as it is set in the desert of the Middle East.  I hope you enjoy cuddling up on “our couch” with me and watching it even if you can’t watch the whole thing.  You have to admit, Sheherezade finds a rather unique way of dealing with her mentally unstable husband.  🙂   XXOO