April Fools!!!

I used to love pulling pranks on your mom.  She was SO easy to scare.  One time, she had a slumber party.  I had her bedroom all rigged up to scare her after she and her friends went to bed.  Grandma and Grandpa even helped me set up her bedroom for the prank.  In her pitch black bedroom, a vampire fell out of her closet and Grandma and I (dressed up as ghosts) came out from under the bed.  She screamed for like, ten minutes!  Taught her never to mess with me!

Anyhow, be careful today – the pranksters will be out full force.  Not all of it is bad, of course. It’s important to find a giggle throughout your day.

My students are all calling me “Mom” right now.  It’s by accident, but it’s so cute.  We laugh about it.

Find lots of reasons to smile and giggle today.  We are having mustache day at school today, so I know I’ll be giggling!  Come on, live a little!  Have some fun! Pull a prank or two today. I think I’ll give my students a pop division test that is PAGES long.  April fools!!!! Just don’t joke with people who can’t take a joke.  Ugh!  You know, those people you have to “walk on eggshells” around.  Have a delightful day, my darling girls!