And for you…my precious Bea

Dearest Angel Girl,

I heard this song and thought of you.  I remember when you were just a tiny baby and I was holding you.  How little you were.  I know you’ve gotten much taller, but I believe that hearing “I love you, precious one,” is something we all need to hear.  No matter how big you get, I’ll always remember you smaller than me.  I hug you in my dreams and I pray you are safe and feeling loved.  If tears come into your eyes, remember that across the miles, I am holding you in my heart.  Tonight, I prayed for you and imagined that my outstretched hands touched the crown of your head as I said the ancient words that protect and comfort children we love.  This lullaby is for you, my angel girl.  Enjoy!

Love, all the way to the Eiffel Tower and Back a Zillion Times Over,

Your Big Sister – Prudence Scattergoode XXOO

P.S. As the wordsmith in your family, you’ll most appreciate the name I gave myself.