An Example of Self Love

Your Aunt Bea had this on her Facebook page yesterday!  I laughed when I saw it.  This picture is so perfect for that day when you’ve just enough of someone “in power” who just can’t get themselves together.  I remember when I was a teenager and your grandfather would go off on me, I’d just cross my arms and look at him like, “Really?” I couldn’t say anything because he was the parent.  I’d just look at him.  Then I’d wait til he was done.  He stopped doing this rather quickly.  What could he do?  I didn’t roll my eyes ( Boy, I wanted to), I didn’t talk back.  I just waited til he was finished.  This picture says it all. What a great example of self love.  Your Aunt Bea looks amazing.  I’ve dubbed her The Incredible Shrinking Woman.  She’s getting it together.  Enjoy the giggle.