A Little More (Old) Music for You

When I was in High School, I confess, I was a bit of a snob – musically.  I liked the really old stuff.  I liked classical music.  Did you know I used to play the violin when I was in elementary and middle school?  I didn’t LOVE it like I loved acting, so I quit.  But I did love the classical music we played.  There are violins in this piece.  But I like the clarinet the best.  I play this music to my flowers as I’m watering them in the morning.  I know that’s weird, but I think they like it. And it is very relaxing.  (More at the bottom)

Mozart Amadeus Mozart was born in Austria a long time ago.  I’d love to travel to that country someday. It’s near Germany. Today, I’m traveling to the beach. Remember when we went to the beach? We’d walk along the shore looking for seashells, our toes pushing through the cool wet sand on the main land or the rocky beach of our favorite island getaway. I hope you both have a beautiful day today!  Take a walk or plant some seeds (in dirt that doesn’t have too much clay) and water it.  Take care of those seeds almost every day.  You’ll have sunflowers by summer.  🙂