All that Glitters isn’t Gold

Kinda emotional today: Aunt Flo ( my period) is in town.  Sitting in bed with my heating pad and ibuprofen waiting for the air conditioning/ heating guy to come.  My heat went off a few days ago and I’m finally getting someone out here to look at the unit.  Between going to the gym, making my meals, working and all my other stuff, it’s a miracle I found time.

You know, they say you shouldn’t second guess yourself.  Your first inclination is usually right on.  But you gotta be careful, ’cause somethings or some people are NOT what they seem to be.  I know you’ve learned this one the hard way.  Me too.  Some days you just feel like you are hacking through a rain forest – with a kitchen knife.  Just not getting where you wanna go.


I know the feeling.  You just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  We’ll get there.  Just be patient.  In the meantime, “take care of your soul.”


and enjoy Rebecca Ferguson’s “Glitter and Gold” song.