Quiet During a Test

We started our CAASP test today.  We have four tests to take.  I bet you are done with yours.  I know Purity has/had a test and Bea did not.  How do I know?  A teacher has her ways.  I hope you did your best, Pure.  As the teacher, its hard to step back and let the kids do the test without help.  But, we must.  I was very quiet and worked at my desk.  I had to walk around and supervise, of course. I don’t want to freak the poor kids out hovering all the time either.

It makes one wonder what God is up to when you cannot see, hear or feel Him in times of crisis.  That can feel disheartening when you REALLY need Him most, He seems to be gone.  He is not.  He’s waiting to see what we do.  God gave us a special gift: free will.  He wants to see what we choose.  So. don’t be surprised when you pray and an answer doesn’t come right away.  Wait for it.  Like a good teacher, God is quiet during a test.

God Quiet