Lead Your Heart

Many people will tell you to follow your heart.

Yeah, not always!

Sometimes, your heart is too soft.

Sometimes, people can deceive you.

Sometimes you must lead your heart to a better future.  Your heart will hurt with the decision, but it REALLY is best.

Example: Some boy breaks up with you and then he wants you back.  You choose to lead your heart and say no. Then he starts acting like a jerk thrusting some gal he’s dating in your face.  Why?  He’s trying to get a reaction out of you.  This way he can figure out how much you care about him.  Don’t buy into this nonsense.  Be glad you are rid of his drama and move on.  Guide your heart to a new dream of a better man, because they ARE out there.  How do I know?  I’ve met them: Grandpa, men at my work, men at my church, men at my gym.  They exist.  I promise.  Have I ever lied to you?!  🙂