I’ve Been Thinkin’ About You

I texted with Kris today. He would very much like your address. Katie and I are going to visit him in a few weeks. It will be the first time she’s been on a plane. I know YOU have been on a plane. I hope it was exciting for you?! I LOVE flying on planes. But it is exhausting sitting there waiting to land. I hope you are settling into life on the base. If things are rough, then you need to find some “free” time and practice what you are struggling with. That impresses drill instructors: refusing to quit and having lots of heart. Remember, I know the girl who knows her own mind: she REFUSES to give up what she wants most. I know your muscles ache every day. Take ibuprofen and ice when you can. You gotta push through the pain, Brittany 🐝.

Grandma was telling me an AMAZING story today…When she was in the Air Force, she had to teach her corps men how to put in an IV. That’s a tube that goes into your arm. It’s attached by a needle that you penetrate the arm with. Well, sometimes, the men didn’t feel comfortable doing this as they had to put it into Grandma’s arm to complete their assignment. Grandma would just grab the needle and guide the needle into her OWN arm! Damn! I never knew that about her! Wow! No wonder her men respected her so much. She was a lieutenant in the US Air Force. YOU are the next generation of tough ladies in this family. I know your dad and Lee don’t think of us as family. But we are! I held you when you were so small in that cute Christmas romper you were wearing. I was there when the girls at school were driving you crazy and I told you to “keep your distance from the drama.” And I took you on all kinds of adventures that gave you a wider view of the world. Remember when we went to Beatrix Potter Day at the Huntington Library? Only family members have pictures and memories like this… Stay strong Miss 🐝 and keep “working it!” You are unstoppable when you choose to be.