Happy Days

Remember when we went to Disneyland and took this picture? We went with Brandon and we gals had just gotten off the teacups ride. That was a happy day! Happy Days are on the horizon. I know you are dealing with hurricanes and South Carolina humidity, but these things will pass. In a few short months, YOU will be completely in charge of what YOU want to do. You’ll be able to leave the base (with a pass, of course) and go wherever you wish. After a while you might even be able to get a manicure. Not much point now, I know. And of course, you are an adult now and you can speak or write to anyone you wish. Grandma and I would love to hear from you and we promise to send you lots of letters in mail call. I bet I could even make up a batch of Grandma’s No Bake Cookies and send them to you. If you’d like to write, my address is below. I promise not to post anything on Facebook or Instagram about hearing from you.

SVL Box 7395 Victorville, Ca. 92395

I love my nieces so much!