Announcing a Week of Family Independence!

Just want you to keep your eyes peeled for the week of October 12th through October 19th. Katie, Kris, Sarah and I are going to be coming at you from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Katie and I fly out on the 12th and get into Philly around 11pm (8pm our time). We’ve planned to see Kris and Sarah the next day in Amish Country and you will get the 411 on all things Amish. The next day, we plan to visit Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross House and maybe have a tankard of beer in Elfrith’s Alley. Grandpa Paine grew up in Philadelphia in a place called Farragut Terrace. So, one day, we’re going to walk around that area of town and check out his old stomping grounds. In any case, we are going to have SO MUCH FUN! And we do not want you to miss it. Stay tuned. 🙂