In Case You Haven’t Heard…

Everyone should be told these things on a regular basis.  When you are going through emotional situations, you need to hear it even MORE often.  Whenever ANYONE makes you feel like you are hard to love, turn to this page.  Remember, you can use the search tool on the main page to find any idea you want.  If you needs hugs, type in “hugs.”  All the hug posts will come up.  You could virtually hang out with me anytime.


Next month on Sketchy Scribe, we are going to have LOADS more fun!  Chinese New Year is coming up so I’ll post your fortunes via the Chinese Horoscope.  We’ll make Chinese lanterns in my class out of red construction paper.  So, if you see any red paper and you want to do it too, save it!

And of course Valentines Day will be coming soon.  I plan to write us another adventurous story.  Keep your eyes peeled for that.  Just because I can’t send you a Valentine doesn’t mean I can’t keep you near my heart.  You are in my heart.  I love you sweet sisters!

Prudence Scattergoode XXOO