From Darkness to Light

Let me share how I find the light when I’m in darkness ( which I am today, I confess).  I look at all my little victories.  This is how I do it.  First, you look at your life in all areas.

Physically – your body

spiritually – your soul

mentally – your brain

emotionally – your feelings

relationally – your friendships/ close ties ( family).

Environmentally – your space ( your room, your car)

financially – your money

Look at these areas and ask yourself how you’ve grown in each area this last year.  I’m sure you’ve made SOME progress.

Here’s how mine looks: ( I’m older and more self sufficient than you.  Don’t compare yourself.  But I could help you get there!)

physically – (one of my weakest areas – but not for long) lost 5 lbs so far, definitely seeing less of self in the mirror!

spiritually – teaching Hebrew tonight

mentally – taught math today, teaching Hebrew tonight. ( Yes, you can write it twice if it applies).

emotionally – you are menstral.  That explains why you feel so outta whack! Relax.

relationally – very close to parents, lots of amazing friends, many “familys” of friends: church, work, artistic, new gym family 🙂

environmentally – beautiful new rental near lake, college, car needs few cosmetic repairs: new battery, four new tires.

financially – paid off car, plenty of $ in bank despite end of the month.

Now you do it.  Write a list and put it somewhere you won’t lose it.  Don’t focus on your weaknesses, focus on accomplishments.

Really, you are doing so well!

We all feel weak sometimes.  That doesn’t mean YOU are weak.  You are just having a moment.


One thing that really helps me is accepting the situation as if I CHOSE it to happen.


You chose (for example) for your ex boyfriend to be dating someone else.

You chose (another example) for parent to keep us apart.

Why would you do that?

I know it sounds weird.  But try shifting your brain to acceptance.

Why fight if you can’t win?!

I’m not saying not to be a fighter.  Just save the fight for the battles that REALLY matter.

• the boyfriend who will love you and fight for you.

• the moment when circumstances change and more possibilities open up

Peace out sweet sisters!  Accept and then ACT within acceptance.  It’s just like in school: watch the clock – the day lasts forever.  Accept that you have to be there, choose to be there and time will simply fly!