Did You Ever Know…

Dearest Purity and Bea,

My two darling girls.  I’m so very proud of you.  You are conquering yourselves so beautifully (Yes, I have my ways of knowing – don’t you doubt that).  I do not know if I could have gone through what you have when I was your age.  You are so strong.  And you will be even stronger once this is finished.  The silence between us is supposed to be a punishment – but it really serves as a canvas for me to sing and post beautiful ideas to inspire you. And it doesn’t matter if you look at these daily, weekly or annually.  This website will be here and ALL the posts are archived.  You can look at them forever, if you want.

Perhaps my words mean EVEN more than they did when we could text everyday.  And your happiness and comfort have become the world to me.  I am prepared for whatever I can do (or nothing) to help.  In the meantime, remember – you are like heroes – to me. You are going through something that requires such courage. You can do this!  You have become “the wind beneath my wings.”

Grandpa and I went to a Bette Midler concert in Vegas.  He had won a whole bunch of money so he decided to treat me to a killer show.  During this song, we held hands.

Imagine me holding your hand and squeezing it.  You are doing this!!  You go girls!

I love you.  XXOO

Prudence Scattergoode