A New Year of Light

I had a really wonderful day with my fella today. I went over to his house to snuggle. And then we drove down to Riverside to see the Festival of Lights. Every year, the Mission Inn hosts a light display with thousands of lights decorating the old hotel and spa. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and then walked around until the lights came on around 5pm. He had never seen the Mission Inn all lit up. We took lots of pictures.

The day was also enlightening in that we had a good amount of time to connect which we really took advantage of. Connecting to someone doesn’t mean that you do something that you are uncomfortable with. In fact, I think that’s why we get along so well…I don’t push him to do something he isn’t comfortable doing. And vice versa. You ALWAYS have the right to say you are uncomfortable with something someone says or does. If you are finding that you are “uncomfortable” a lot, perhaps you might need to speak to a counselor about that. That isn’t a bad thing either. My counselor Denice is the big sister and helpful guide that I never had.

Bottom line: Do what feels good! Give yourself permission to feel and express what you feel. Be authentic. God made only one of you. Be the best version of you YOU can Bee. 🙂